Full Deluxe Raptor Set- Pre-Order (All-In)

$299.94 $279.94

Estimated to arrive end of July 2019

Weight: 8oz

Includes 6 Deluxe Raptors:

Velociraptor mongoliensis (2nd release)

Dromaeosaurus albertensis (2nd release)

Velociraptor osmolskae (red) (2nd release)

Saurornitholestes sullivani (purple)

Velociraptor mongoliensis (black)

Velociraptor osmolskae (white)

Each deluxe raptor figure is approximately 12″ long x 5″ tall has 26 points of articulation and includes a base, multiple posing rods and attachments, interchangeable closed running toes, collectible trading card, and instruction sheet. Packaging features red-foil printing.

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