Velociraptor mongoliensis


Weight 8oz

Velociraptor mongoliensis 1/6th scale Dinosaur Action Figure

(swift robber)The one we all know and love from the movies- or is it? Though the real Velociraptor was very different from its movie star counterpart, it was no less fierce and dangerous. It used to inhabit an arid desert climate in a part of the world that is now Mongolia. Velociraptor can be distinguished from other dromaeosaurids by its long and low skull, an upturned snout. And let’s not forget about that terrible toe claw!

This figure measures approximately 12″ long by 5″ tall boasting 26 points of articulation and includes display base, posing rod w/ two support options, and interchangeable closed running toes, plus a unique background display insert.

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