Therizinosaurus model kit

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(Scythe Lizard) – The Therizinosaurus is a therizinosaurid whose remains were first found in the Gobi Desert. Fun fact: It was named after its claw bones. Not much is known about the Therizinosaurus because few remains have ever been found. Paleontologists believe the Therizinosaurus was slow-moving and had an elongated neck, sharp beak, and broad torso. The unusual shape of its arms, body, and claws (which resemble those of Chalicotherium) suggests that this particular dinosaur was an herbivore.

The 1/30th scale resin Therizinosaurus model kit measures 10” long (16? tip to tip along the spine), 9.5? tall and comes with a total of 29 unpainted parts including 20 translucent white pieces-claws, inner mouth part, and interchangeable grass parts that plug into the 10? long base. Assembly requires glue, as well as some minor seam & detail clean-up. Weight 2lb 10oz