Atrociraptor marshalli


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Atrociraptor Action Figure


(Savage Plunderer) –?Little is known of the mysterious Atrociraptor. Only fragments of the skull and teeth exist for this animal, but from just these fossils, we know that Atrociraptor had a very strong bite, with a skull deeper than most dromeaosaurs and larger teeth and biting muscles. Because of these adaptions, it’s believed that this species relied much more heavily on its bite than its claws. This raptor lived in forested flood plains and swampy areas- it’s remains were found in SW Canada.

This 1/6th?scale Atrociraptor action figure measures approximately 12? long by 5? tall boasting 26 points of articulation and includes display base, posing rod w/ two support options, and interchangeable closed running toes, plus a unique background display insert.

Recommended for ages 15 and up (contains small parts)

Points Value: 45 Points

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