Have you ever wondered what life was like back in the Cretaceous period? While there’s an abundance of information out there about the Mesozoic Era, Cretaceous period dinosaurs possessed certain characteristics that made them unique—and the Centrosaurus Apertus was especially fascinating.

Continue reading to learn some fascinating information about Centrosaurus Apertus. We’re going to clear up some common misconceptions and provide some factual insight about these magnificent creatures, so stick around to learn four facts about Centrosaurus Apertus.

  1. The name Centrosaurus translates to ‘pointed lizard,’ which is an accurate description of what these creatures were. Although much larger than the lizards we’re accustomed to (up to 6,000 pounds), the Centrosaurus Apertus had many similar characteristics to the lizards we see today.
  2. Centrosaurus Apertus inhabited a large majority of what we know today as North America. Anywhere from 70–80 million years ago in the late Cretaceous period, you could have found these reptiles roaming western Canada in the provinces of Alberta and Saskatchewan, along with states like Montana, Wyoming, and Colorado.
  3. Centrosaurus Apertus were herbivores. This means they had a diet that consisted strictly of plants and natural greens. With a horn over their nasal cavity, they could reach leaves and feed from plants at much larger heights. Although they were not carnivores, Centrosaurus preferred to travel in large groups to intimidate nearby predators to avoid being attacked. The most common predators of Centrosaurus were Albertosaurus and Tyrannosaurus.
  4. While bone cancer has been believed to be the cause of death for most Centrosaurus, it’s also been speculated that many died due to floods throughout western America.

We hope that by reading our four facts about Centrosaurus Apertus, you were able to gain some insight and knowledge on the topic. Be sure to shop our realistic dinosaur action figures to get your hands on your very own Cretaceous Era dinosaur!