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Specializing in action figures and resin model kits, Creative Beast Studio's main
subjects are dinosaurs and other prehistoric animals.
Founded by toy designer David Silva, the company's goal is to create unique and dynamic natural history-inspired products.

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High-Quality Dinosaur Models and Action Figures

Are you easily captivated by high-quality dinosaur models? Do you have a fascination for anatomically accurate and realistic dinosaur figures? Creative Beast is the first and only dinosaur action figure collectible line. Our founder, David Silva, has been sculpting, designing, and illustrating for many years and brings his wealth of experience to dinosaur scale replicas. Our collection of realistic dinosaur figures span dozens of creatures, including the Dimetrodon, Acrocanthosaurus, Velociraptor, Adasaurus, and many others. We also have numerous resin model kits so you can assemble and paint your own models. View our gallery to get an idea of what you’re looking for or start shopping our high-quality dinosaur models and collectibles today.