Dinosaur Nestling Models

When you think of dinosaurs, your mind probably jumps to large and powerful species like Tyrannosaurus rex and Spinosaurus. But these dinosaurs weren’t born big and strong. Like human babies, dinosaur nestlings were tiny and vulnerable. Newly hatched dinosaurs ranged in size from a few centimeters long to a few feet long. Most didn’t weigh much, either. They eventually experienced huge growth spurts that brought them up to their adult size. And even though dinosaur nestlings could fend for themselves not long after entering the world, they were seen as an easy snack to older meat-eating dinos.

Discover the remarkable world of these small-but-mighty dinos with Creative Beast Studio’s museum-quality dinosaur nestling models. Whether you’re shopping for yourself or another dinosaur fan, these packs of fully painted and poseable dinosaur nestling models are sure to enrapture.

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  • Raptor Nestlings 3 pack white 1/6th scale - action figure collectible

    Nestlings 3-Pack- White color- 1/6th scale action figures

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