Out of the dozens of dinosaur action figures we design, create, and sell through Creative Beast Studio, there are some favorites among customers both new and old. The Adasaurus mongoliensis is one of those creatures. These carnivorous dromaeosaurids lived in what is now modern-day Asia. Dive into three compelling and historically accurate facts about Adasaurus mongoliensis below!

Distinguishing Physical Characteristics

The tall, long skull, sharp sickle claws, lightweight build, and likely body feathers define this fast-moving species of dinosaur. While scientists aren’t sure if the Adasaurus had feathers, they do know that it was a cousin to the well-loved and oft-cited velociraptor. Adasaurus’s relatively small size, lengthy tail, and overall body structure gave it an advantage in hunting small prey.

Discovered in Mongolia

The Adasaurus gets its name in part from where it was discovered. Dr. Rinchen Barsbold, a Mongolian paleontologist, named this dinosaur in 1983. The only two specimens of the Adasaurus found to date have been located in southern Mongolia in the Gobi Desert’s Nemegt Formation. On a related note, Dr. Barsbold’s work helped propel the larger base of Mongolian paleontology into the limelight.

Hidden Name Origins

While it’s no secret that dinosaur names often involve Greek roots, what you may not know is that part of Adasaurus’s name comes from a different language. “Ada” is the name of an evil spirit in Mongolian mythology, and “sauros” is the Greek equivalent of lizard. From here, we can see that Adasaurus means evil lizard in English—certainly what its prey thought of it!

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