While the Velociraptor was a real dinosaur that lived during the Late Cretaceous period and could definitely move quickly, most of what people know about this creature is misguided. The first major cultural exposure that Velociraptor had to the masses was through Michael Crichton’s novel Jurassic Park and Steven Spielberg’s film adaptation of the same name. However, the raptors in the movie were based on Deinonychus—not Velociraptor. Continue reading to discover three incredible facts about Velociraptor mongoliensis.

Velociraptor Couldn’t Fly, Despite Having Wings

As it turns out, getting the idea of Spielberg’s raptors out of your head ensures you’re closer to reality than anything else. Scientists have continued to uncover evidence pointing to the fact that Velociraptor had wings that weren’t suited for flight. They also had feathers, but this was also a contested fact for some time. Even more confusing is the fact that Deinonychus was also likely feathered, despite being depicted as smaller versions of a T. rex.

Claws Weren’t Used for Cutting

Even though it looks obvious, Velociraptor’s large toe claws most likely weren’t directly used to kill prey. These iconic claws were the extension of toes that could be pulled backwards to an astonishing degree. However, due to their anatomic placement, they couldn’t be used for cutting and slashing. Instead, researchers now believe that Velociraptor used its strong feet to hold its prey down while biting into its target of choice.

Velociraptors Were Much Smaller Than Imagined

Another entertainment-based inaccuracy is the size of Velociraptor. In Jurassic Park, they are depicted as roughly six and a half feet tall, instead of the two and a half to three feet tall that they actually were. The movie world may well have taken this approach to make them look more fearsome and threatening, but the real deal was less scary.

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