1/18 Protoceratops hellenikorhinus!

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Introducing the newest species to the Beasts of the Mesozoic: Ceratopsian action figure line up- here is the painted prototype for the 1/18 Protoceratops hellenikorhinus! Look for preorders to open for this, the 1/18 Protoceratops a. and the Psittacosaurus, within the next month.

One Comment on “1/18 Protoceratops hellenikorhinus!”

  1. Amazing David! These little companions I will buy as soon as they hit they market. Great color scheme for P. helenikorhinus, well done and chosen. It is nice to have the 1/18 scale Protoceratops andrewsi and Psittacosaurus, then with the added bonus of P. helenikorhinus.

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