3 Action Figure Painting Tips for a Smooth Paint Finish

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3 Action Figure Painting Tips for a Smooth Paint Finish

Painting action figures is a wonderful hobby that people of all ages can enjoy. Artistic activities allow us to free our imaginations while doing something we love. If you’re a dinosaur fanatic, you most likely collect everything related to the Mesozoic beasts, including paintable figures. We’ll provide some action figure painting tips for a smooth paint finish to ensure your dinosaur looks perfect.

1- Apply a Primer

Before adding paint to the figure, you should apply a primer. A base coat helps the paint adhere to and seal the action figure’s surface. Make sure the primer you use will work on the figure; some paint primers are ideal for plastic. Also, it’s best to use paint-on primer rather than an aerosol when working with detailed figures such as dinosaurs so you can cover every inch.

2- Paint Even Coats

Once the primer dries, it’s time to add some color! Depending on the type of dinosaur you’re painting, research the way it looked according to scientists so you can use the appropriate shades. Contrary to common belief, most prehistoric reptiles were a range of vibrant colors. For example, velociraptors were likely shades of yellow, orange, and grey.

As you paint, add one coat of color at a time. If you need to add highlights, mix the paint separately on a pallet. Allow the current coat of paint on your dinosaur figure to dry before adding another. Piling on wet paint will create an uneven, messy look as it dries, and the colors may unintentionally mix.

3- Take Your Time

The final action figure painting tips for a smooth paint finish are to take your time and allow the paint to dry between coats. No one paints a perfect dino in a matter of minutes—this process requires time and patience.

By rushing the paint job, you may add layers too quickly and cause the colors to run together. Your action figure could appear patchy if you apply thick layers of paint in some areas but too little in others. If you want your dinosaur to look perfect, then you need to take your time and enjoy the process.

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