Beasts of The Cenozoic

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How’s this for a Tuesday teaser?
Beasts of the Cenozoic begins in 2023.

Targeted releases by end of next year.

‘ll have more news about this line as we get further along, but for now I’m enjoying all of the suggestions. There’s a lot of opportunity here for action figure ‘firsts’ for many species- very exciting!

3 Comments on “Beasts of The Cenozoic”

  1. I am very excited to see which Cenezoic animals are going to be made. Personally for me, I want to see an Andrewsarchus done right since there is not a lot of figures of this animal being made

  2. I’m extremely excited to see this!!!
    For me, these species cannot be missing:

    -Woolly Mammoth


    -Woolly Rhino/Elasmotherium


    only the classics hahaha!!!

  3. Please, please, please include a dinoceratan like Uintatherium or Eobasileus. Both were were part of the 1st group of Eocene mammals to attain multi-ton body size in North America. Same for Arsinoitherium in Africa. Also, Deinotherium and Platybelodonare two very cool Proboscideans!

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