Beasts of the Mesozoic: Tyrannosaur Series – Color Inspiration

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Many of you have been interested to know what the color inspirations will look like for the upcoming Beasts of the Mesozoic: Tyrannosaur Series, so here they are!

This is something that I’ve been giving a lot of attention to lately and as you can see, there are more here than I have planned figures, so some may not be used or some may be combined. For this series, I’m looking at modern predatory, terrestrial reptiles- mostly snakes. Keep in mind that as with the Ceratopsian color inspirations, these will merely be starting points and guides for the color designs, but not necessarily direct applications of these patterns. I’m still in the process of matching each species up to a color scheme, but I’m pretty pleased with this selection of reference. I may also incorporate some birds of prey inspiration as well for the feathered species.
As for the Kickstarter exclusive: it will be a repaint of the 1/35th scale Tyrannosaurus Rex. The colors however are undecided, and that’s where I want you all to tell me what you would like to see! The inspiration could be from a pop culture reference, another animal, or a famous work of art. Please share your best idea in the comments, click ‘like’ on the ones you think are best and the top five will be put to a vote next week! Also if there’s any color inspirations that you think I should consider for the main line, let me know as well. Thanks everyone!

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