Beasts of the Mesozoic: Tyrannosaur Series line-up announced!

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ANNOUNCEMENT: After much careful review I have decided on the figure list for the Beasts of the Mesozoic: Tyrannosaur Series! Please note that the list is subject to change, and if you don’t see your suggestion on this list it can still be produced later on. Also, the initial Kickstarter offerings and exclusive are not yet decided and as with the Ceratopsians, the majority of these will be stretch goals. However I do plan have prototypes to show for each figure during the campaign.
Prototype development has begun and the Kickstarter is planned for sometime in 2021, but there is no start date as of yet. I hope you all enjoy the list and thank you to everyone who weighed in previously with your suggestions!
Scale Species name
BODY 1- 8”
1/6th Dilong paradoxus
1/6th Moros intrepidus
1/18th Suskityrannus hazelae
1/18th Eotyrannus lengi
1/18th Guanlong wucaii
1/18th Proceratosaurus bradleyi
BODY 2- 12”
1/18th Alectrosaurus olseni
1/18th Teratophoneus curriei
1/18th Qianzhousaurus sinensis (Alioramus remotus?)
1/18th juvenile T-Rex (Nanotyrannus?)
BODY 2.5- 14”
1/35th Tyrannosaurus Rex (intro to 1/35th scale)
BODY 3 16”
1/18th Lythronax argestes
1/18th Bistahieversor sealeyi
BODY 3.5- 16”
1/18th Yutyrannus huali
1/18th Dryptosaurus aquilunguis
BODY 4- 20”
1/18th Gorgosaurus libratus
1/18th Albertosaurus sarcophagus
1/18th Daspletosaurus torosus
1/18th Tarbosaurus bataar
BODY 5- 27”
1/18th Tyrannosaurus Rex

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