Cyberzoic Dragolina Illustration

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Dragolina Cyberzoic Illustration by HPL gamedesign

About Dragolina:

‘Influenced by ancient Earth culture, gladiatorial combat has become a way of life in the Fire Clan city of Zarconia. Built just outside of the Dark Region, Zarconia is known for forging some of the toughest warriors among their people. With organized military forbidden by the ruling Tech Clan, these games are more than just spectacle, they represent the hope of independence. The seeds of rebellion will begin here.’
Dragolina is depicted with her dragon steed after a hard fought match. Exploring more ways to depict the world of Cyberzoic, I thought it’d be interesting to try a manga-inspired take, and it’s very cool to see. Not only is this our first look at Dragolina in her Fire Clan outfit, but also at the next dragon figure design!
Great illustration work here by HPL gamedesign.

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