Dragolina package art by JP Mavinga!

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Dragolina package art by JP Mavinga

For our look at Cyberzoic today, we have new package art, but not for the dinosaurs. This time we get a look at one of our main protagonist characters, Dragolina! Both versions of this gorgeous art were done by JP Mavinga.
Dragolina backstory- ‘From birth, Helina was created to serve in the Tech Clan Military. Eventually feeling she had no place in that society, she stowed away with a Fire Clan delegation at the age of 15, seeking a new beginning. She would find herself at the Fire Clan border town of Zarconia, a harsh land of violence and scarcity. Initially earning a living as a street fighter, it wasn’t long before she fell in with the criminal underworld and was arrested for murder. Old enough by then to be sentenced to death or combat, Helina knew this was her way into the sport she’d been seeking all along. She would win her first gladiator match and go on to be known to the crowd as ‘Dragolina: the Dinosaur Slayer.’ Helina lived every day, every fight, as if it was her last. But little did she know that this was only the beginning of her new path as hero to Gaea 2.’

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