Fan’s Choice Vote

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It’s back! By popular request, it’s finally time to bring the next batch of Fan’s Choice figures to Beasts of the Mesozoic- this time for the Ceratopsian Series!
The Fans’ Choice Raptors have been some of the most popular figures of the entire line and now we’ll see which Ceratopsian figures will get a new look based on your suggestions. I’m looking to make four Fans Choice Ceratopsian variants to be released throughout 2022. This will be a two round process, and for today’s post, I want you all to submit your best ideas. Please state the figure to be repainted, and show or describe an example of the colors to be used for each one. And also, please like or comment on the ideas from others that you would like to see get made. The ten most popular ideas by next Monday will be put to a vote to determine the final four figures. Any Ceratopsian and any color scheme is fair game. Even ‘unpainted’ or albino variants will be counted. I’ll be taking a tally across all three of my social media accounts (Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter). So now, let me know what you all want to see and let’s make this happen!

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