Fucanglong a.k.a the Antarctic Dragon!

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For today’s Cyberzoic reveal, we have a look another main dragon character with a close tie to the Arctic species. Here is the Fucanglong a.k.a the Antarctic Dragon!
‘Fucanglong was one of many failed attempts by the Tech Clan to genetically engineer their own Dragon- but the only one to actually survive. His genetic code was mostly derived from the mighty Arctic species, but supplemented with a living stone from the volcanic regions, in an effort to give the creature an impenetrable hide. However, when the embryo was consumed by the volcanic stone, it was thought to have been dead and was cast into the incinerator. But the intense heat burned off the stone exterior and allowed the creature to survive, eventually escaping to the southern territory. Plagued by the constantly growing stone formations on his body, Fucanglong must always be exposed to fire, or the living stone in his skin will overtake him. His condition is his curse but also granted him great strength, and he quickly overtook the dragons of the volcanic Dark Lands, eventually joining them with the humans of the Fire Clan to create a devastating alliance.’
Concept art by Raph Lomotan

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