Games for Your Kids To Play With Dinosaur Figures

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Games for Your Kids To Play With Dinosaur Figures

If your kid has a fondness for dinosaurs, they can likely spend hours playing with their figures. They will often solely play with their dinosaurs, tracking them along furniture and couch cushions using their imagination to take them to back to a land before time. However, there are many ways you can expand their world and bring their imaginations to life. Keep reading for interactive and educational games for your kids to play with dinosaur figures.

Read and Watch

If your kids love educational dinosaur books, consider adding a bit of flair to their reading experience by using their figures to bring the pictures off the page. This creates an almost 3D effect for your kids, as they can read about dinosaurs while seeing them in real-time. You can do this by having the figures read along with the words on the pages. You can also take an educational approach by learning more about your child’s favorite dinosaur and using their figure as a true model.

If you are going for a teaching moment, you might want to consider using figures that look as accurate as possible. Creative Beast Studio has a plethora of dinosaur action figures that are highly accurate and detailed, ensuring your kids receive a true understanding of these amazing beasts.

Make a World

There’s nothing better than the real thing! Consider creating a miniature world where your kids can feel like they have time-traveled to the Mesozoic era. If you have a sandbox, this will work perfectly for creating your world. You can also achieve the same effect with a plastic storage box and sand from your local hardware store.

Next, have the kids search for rocks, twigs, and leaves that they can use to build their world. You can stop there, or you can also purchase plastic trees, mountains, and rivers to help add to the realism. Creating a world where your kids can play with their dinosaur figures is a fun game that enriches their playtime.

Create Dino Prints

Kids likely love marveling at the giant footprints left behind by the giants that graced this land before us. Encourage your kids to leave behind their own dinosaur prints, too! Have your kids dip the claws of their figures in trays of washable paint to create dino prints. You can also have them outline the footprints and color them in. You might want to consider having them label which dinosaur made each print, as this creates an interactive learning experience they will love.

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