Have a great Memorial Day Weekend!

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So as of this post, I’m planning to take a little vacation from social media for the remainder of the month. I figured with the holiday weekend coming up it would be a good time to step away from the computer a bit and focus on more psychical tasks. That being said, I leave you with a photo of how the Beasts of the Mesozoic line is shaping up, with the WIP juvenile Tyrannosaurus sculpt alongside some of the larger Ceratopsians as well as a stand-in for the eventual 1/18 scale Velociraptor. This was the first time for me seeing all three series together and it’s looking pretty cool!
FYI- Ceratospian Kickstarter backers can expect a new update next week, and for anyone interested in BotM product on my website, you can use code: DINOSUMMER20 for the rest of this month to get 10% off your order!
In the meantime, please continue to like, share,comment and post to the page here- I’ll be on every now and then to check in, plus you can always reach me via email through my website.
Take care everyone and have a great holiday weekend!

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