Important T. rex wave update

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T. REX WAVE UPDATE: We now have the final samples in-hand! Here’s a first look at how they turned out and I must say that I’m super impressed with this new Tyrannosaur Series packaging- it looks great in person! And the figures overall look really nice as well, so I’m glad it was worth the wait. Expect more photos and info in the new Kickstarter update, tomorrow. To summarize though- these are shipping from the factory next week and are expected to hit the US on December 21st. However we will need an additional week or so to get the product to the warehouse and have it sorted into the inventory, so fulfillment is looking like late December at the earliest. I took a look at shipping the T. rex backer quantities early and unfortunately there were just way too many to ship via air freight. BUT, I will be able to ship a portion of the new Ceratopsians early to fulfill the preorders (Oct. 31st or earlier), which are expected to go out around the end of this month. All of these items will reach in-stock status in early January, so there’s still time to take advantage of the preorder pricing if you haven’t done so already.
And on a side note- if you’d like your grey T. rex customs to be featured in tomorrow’s Kickstarter update, be sure to send me photos asap.
There’s more Beasts of the Mesozoic news coming soon- stay tuned!

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