It’s Cyberzoic Friday: Utahraptor Pilot design and action figure layout!

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It’s Cyberzoic Friday and today we have a look at the Utahraptor Pilot design and action figure layout!
‘The Utahraptor units make up the bulk of the Tech Clan’s ground forces. All Dino Pilots go through rigorous training, required to master their dinosaur transport as well as hand-hand combat. With their advanced battle suits, the pilots can form a mental link with their steed and control the dinosaur’s movements as well as its mounted weapons, thus the term ‘pilot’ is more apt in this case than ‘rider’. The Utahraptor pilots are the most adaptable of the Tech Clan troops able to execute a wide variety of missions, but they are also the most expendable.’
Concept art by Ross Persichetti. Utahraptor sculpt by Jake Baardse.

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