Painted prototype of the 1/18th scale Protoceratops andrewsi!

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Here are some shots of the painted prototype showing off the little 1/18th scale Beasts of the Mesozoic Protoceratops andrewsi, available for fourth quarter this year.

One Comment on “Painted prototype of the 1/18th scale Protoceratops andrewsi!”

  1. Hello Creative Beasts, as a potential small Ceratopsian to add to the series. Think about Leptoceratops gracilis. Yes it may be very similar to to your already made Psittacosaurus mongoliensis, but I think it would be a fun Ceratopsian to add to the Ceratopsian series. Another reason on why I want the Leptoceratops is to create the Hell Creek Formation wild life. I am obsessed with this geological formation, and adding another dinosaur to it would be nice. The Hell Creek dinosaurs that you already have done (that I will eventually buy) are Acheroraptor, Triceratops horridus (would also love to see Triceratops prorsus come out), Torosaurus, the soon to be Tyrannosaurus rex and Tyrannosaurus rex juvenile (I am more Nanotyrannus leaning though). It would also be interesting if you potentially made a Tatankaceratops sacrisonorum to the series. There may be little of it, but it is still an interesting dinosaur.

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