1/18th Medusaceratops action figure



Weight: 8oz

1/18th Medusaceratops action figure

Includes (1) 1/18th Medusaceratops action figure. This figure measures 12″ long and features 20 points of articulation.



Points Value: 60 Points

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The Medusaceratops (Medusa horned face) was a plant-eating dinosaur that lived in the Late Cretaceous period in the northern US. Its remains were initially mistaken for those of the Albertaceratops, but the Medusaceratops was unique in that it only had three frill spikes on each side of their frills.

At Creative Beast Studio, we have 1/18th Medusaceratops action figures for sale that are ultra-realistic. Fans of this frilled beast will love to play with or display this Medusaceratops action figure. Our Medusaceratops dinosaur figure is the perfect gift for adults and kids alike. Get yours today!