1/18th Torosaurus action figure



Includes (1) 1/18th Torosaurus action figure. This figure measures 18″ long and features 20 points of articulation.


Points Value: 120 Points

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This Torosaurus dinosaur figure for adults and kids is the perfect addition to any dino enthusiast’s collection. Realistically made, Creative Beast Studio’s Torosaurus action figure brings this ancient creature back to life.

Our 1/18th Torosaurus action figure depicts the Torosaurus (perforated lizard), an herbivorous ceratopsid from the Cretaceous period. This beast had an impressive skull—the biggest of any known land animal! While it shares many similarities with the Triceratops, and some argue that it’s merely a mature form of the “three-horned face,” the Torosaurus is unique in that it has longer frills, longer squamosal bones, and more hornlets.

Get your 1/18th Torosaurus action figure today, and display it proudly as part of your growing collection.