Western 2-Pack- Buitreraptor g. and young Stenonychosaurus i.- 1/6th scale action figures

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Western 2-Pack- Buitreraptor g. and young Stenonychosaurus i.- 1/18th scale Dinosaur Action Figures

Buitreraptor gonzalezorum (vulture raider) was a small predatory dromaeosaurid from the Late Cretaceous of Argentina. Known for it’s elongated head with many small teeth as well as for it’s very long and thin three-fingered hands, it likely hunted small animals.

Stenonychosaurus inequalis (narrow claw lizard) is a  troodontid theropod from the Late Cretaceous Alberta, Canada. It had one of the largest known brains relative to its body mass of any dinosaur. Growing to about 8ft in length, the largest Stenonychosaurus specimens are comparable in size to Deinonychus and Unenlagia. Stenonychosaurus inequalis was reassigned in 1987 to the genus Troodon, and then was reverted back to Stenonychosaurus in 2017.

Each set features 2 raptor figures, each approximately 6″ long with 7 points of articulation and includes two bases, multiple posing rods and attachments, collectible trading card, and unique background display insert. Packaging features red-foil printing and art by Shannon Beaumont. 

Recommended for ages 15 and up (contains small parts)

Points Value: 40 Points