The Difference Between Resin and Plastic Model Kits

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The Difference Between Resin and Plastic Model Kits

Model collecting is a fascinating hobby that allows you to work with your hands and flex your artistic skills. It allows you to expand your mind by exploring different topics, from WWII-era model fighter jets to our collection of Mesozoic dinosaur figures. But getting into model collecting does take a little know-how.

Take, for instance, the difference between resin and plastic model kits. To an outside observer, they may seem similar enough. But the more you learn about models, the more you realize how both options can offer vastly different experiences.

How They’re Made

The most obvious difference between plastic and resin models is the process manufacturers have to use to create them. To create plastic molds, manufacturers can typically use an injection mold. This process is so fast and straightforward forward they are typically able to mass-produce them.

On the other hand, resin models are usually far more labor-intensive. Instead of being molded, they are cast using elaborately formed rubber molds. Since all this occurs while manufacturers assemble the kit, it doesn’t affect you as the person putting it together. However, it does make you appreciate it a lot more as you’re painting it.

How Durable They Are

If you’ve ever held a piece of plastic in your hand, such as Tupperware or a water bottle, you know that they’re generally pretty sturdy. If you accidentally drop one, you don’t have to worry about it shattering. The same is true with the figures found in plastic model kits. While a fall may cause pieces to fall apart, you can usually quickly and easily take care of the damage.

Resin figures are a little more fragile than plastic. A drop can usually result in chipping if you aren’t careful. That’s why so many collectors take such special care with their resin figures.

How Much Detail They Show

This is the category where resin figures truly shine. Because even though plastic figures can be produced quickly, they cannot usually be completed with very much detail. A manufacturer can create incredibly intricate details on a resin figure, from the rivets on a model train, to the links on chain main armor, to the individual feathers on the hide of a velociraptor.

How Do You Choose Between Them?

Ultimately, choosing between resin and plastic model kits is a matter of preference. For those who want something simple and durable, such as a figurine they want to play games with, then a plastic figure is best. However, if your goal is to have a truly lifelike model replica of your figure, item, or vehicle, resin is by far the best option.

That’s why at Creative Beast Studio, we pride ourselves on our lifelike resin model kits of all your favorite dinosaurs and mythical reptiles. Whether you want a fully colored model or a figure to paint yourself, we have everything you need to expand your model collection.

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