The Ultimate Guide to Raptor Collectible Action Figures in 2024

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Top 5 Raptors Collectibles for 2024

With wings of fury you can get some great poses out of these Raptors. These Raptors are fierce and ready to run down its prey. With Tyrannosaur series in stock now is the perfect time to add some Raptors as well. Its speed versus brute force as we take a look at the best Raptors you can get right now.

Top 5 Raptor Collectibles for 2024

    1. 1) Linheraptor exquisitus (2nd release)
      Linheraptor exquisitus Action Figure Collectible

      This is actually the second release of the Linheraptor and the new paint job looks fantastic on this action figure. This Raptor is definitely one of our favorites in the line up and its easy to see why.

      Linheraptor fun facts:

        • The name Linheraptor is derived from the term “Linhe thief” which is referenced from the Linhe area in Mongolia.
        • The first Linheraptor was discovered in Nemegt Formation of Mongolia in 2008.
        • Linheraptor was believed to be a carnivore.
        • This dinosaur was believed to have a large brain which would have made it very intelligent.


    1. 2) Velociraptor mongoliensis
      Velociraptor mongoliensis action figure

      This action figure is great a palette to make your collection pop. The Velociraptor in movies was depicted as being a large creature. This dinosaur was also believed to have had feathers unlike its portrayal in movies like “Jurassic Park”.

      Velociraptor fun facts:

        • The first fossil of a Velociraptor was discovered in Mongolia in 1923 by Peter Kaisen.
        • Velociraptor means “swift thief” in Latin.
        • The Velociraptor was actually the size of a turkey.
        • This dinosaur was believed to be a warm-blooded creature.
        • You can visit the following museum to see a Velociraptor: National History Museum.


    1. 3) Saurornitholestes langstoni ‘Fans Choice’
      Saurornitholestes langstoni action figure

      Being around 2 meters in length is was believed that the Saurornitholestes was a rather agile hunter. This special fans choice version has colors that resemble a something a traditional hunter would wear. This is a very unique action figure to have in your dinosaur collection.

      Saurornitholestes langstoni fun facts:

        • The first discovery of the Saurornitholestes was in 1978 in Alberta, Canada.
        • The name “Saurornitholestes” translates to “lizard bird thief.”
        • This dinosaur had long slender legs and a lighter body weight.
        • It is believed that this dinosaur hunted in packs to take down larger prey.
        • The Sauorornitholestes can be see at the following museums: Royal Tyrrell Museum of Palaeontology, Charleston Museum, and Dickinson Museum Center. (check with the museum before visiting as exhibits are subject to change.)


    1. 4) Dromaeosaurus albertensis ‘Fans Choice’
      Dromaeosaurus albertensis Action Figure

      Dromaeosaurus is to believed to have feathers that resembles modern birds. This Fans Choice version of Dromaeosaurus is a beautiful addition to any avid dinosaur collectors showcase.

      Dromaeosaurus fun facts:

        •  Dromaeosaurus translates to “running lizard” from Greek.
        • The first Dromaeosaurus was discovered in Alberta, Canada in 1914.
        • This carnivore lived around 77 million years ago
        • You can visit the following museum to see a Dromaeosaurus: Redpath Museum.


    1. 5) Velociraptor osmolskae
      Velociraptor osmolskae Action Figure

      Velociraptor osmolskae cool blue and red colored feathers really make this action figure stand out from the crowd. A very unique palette for any dinosaur collection.

      Velociraptor osmolskae fun facts:

        • Velociraptor osmolskae fossils were discovered in Mongolia in the Gobi Desert region in 1999.
        • This Dinosaur lived 75 million years ago.
        • The Velociraptor osmolskae is the lesser known species in the Velociraptor genus.
        • The maxillae and a lacrimal bones of the skull were slightly different in comparison to V. mongoliensis, however this likely had minimal effect on their outward appearance.


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