The wave 1 T. rex paint samples are in for the Trex Series!

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The wave 1 T. rex paint samples are in for the Beasts of the Mesozoic Tyrannosaur Series! As many of you may know, the paint masters for these were lost in transit to the factory, so they had to work from my photos, which is much more difficult. And while I do plan to go into these and improve them a bit more before I send them back, I must say they turned out pretty nice! More on these, as well as everything else going on with this series in my Kickstarter update, tomorrow.
And as for the Grey T. rexes and other current preorder items- the early shipment is expected to arrive at the warehouse today, so we plan to begin Kickstarter and early preorder fulfillment before the end of the week. The main quantity, however, isn’t expected to arrive until mid- September, but that just means more time to take advantage of the preorder pricing.

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