Top Myths and Misconceptions About Dinosaurs

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Top Myths and Misconceptions About Dinosaurs

What if you heard that cavemen never existed alongside non-avian dinosaurs or that dinosaurs weren’t lizards? Unearth the fascinating truth by dispelling the top myths and misconceptions about dinosaurs. You never know what you may discover!

They Lived Alongside Humans

You see it in many television shows and movies—dinosaurs and cavemen living side by side. But this never happened. The first humans weren’t around until about 60 million years after non-avian dinosaurs had already gone extinct.

Dinosaurs Were Lizards

While both dinosaurs and lizards are reptiles, dinosaurs weren’t giant lizards. In fact, the two come from different animal groups.

Dinosaurs come from the Archosauromorphs group, while lizards come from the Lepidosauromorphs group. One interesting fact is that dinosaurs are closely related to birds and crocodiles. But even these close relatives are in different animal groups.

What’s the Difference?

The difference between both reptile groups lies in the skull shapes the animals have. Another fascinating detail is that some dinosaurs had feathers. You’ll want to remember this important fact, as it will come up again when we dispel another dino-myth!

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They’re Cold Blooded

One of the top myths and misconceptions about dinosaurs is the belief that they were cold-blooded. Not only is this wrong, but dinosaurs could also self-regulate body temperatures and had fast metabolisms. We know this because their bones show that they grew at rapid rates. Scientists believe this could be a reason they eventually had feathers.

They’re Colorless

While we don’t think of dinosaurs as colorless, we also don’t think of them as colorful. When most of us imagine dinosaurs, we assume they were boring shades of green and gray. However, dinosaurs were colorful—some even had stripes!

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