Updated on Adult Triceratops Shipping

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UPDATE: For those still awaiting your Beasts of the Mesozoic adult Triceratops, I wanted to give the latest info on the status. The second shipment has arrived in the US, has now passed through customs, and is on it’s way to the east coast from the Long Beach, CA port. My previous estimates had them arriving at our warehouse this week, but the shipping process has gone slower than expected so these are now expected to arrive in about two weeks.
I also want to note that a small portion of the adult Triceratops figures that have shipped so far, arrived with broken hind feet, usually on the left side. All figures from this batch should have been received by this point and based on the reported cases, there have been 22 broken figures out of 264 (8.33%) as well as a few rare instances of Torosaurus having the same issue. Luckily, this is a small minority of the figures, but still concerning enough for us to adjust the foot pin for all future releases of this body. For now though, the factory has provided me with replacement legs which will be sent out to customers along with instructions on how to swap the legs, beginning tomorrow. In light of this information, I will also have my warehouse watch for this break on future shipments so that we can catch any remaining defective pieces before they go out to customers.
My apologies for the issues regarding this release, but we have solutions in place and all will be on-track soon! Thank you so much for your understanding and support.

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