Utahraptor and Achillobator figures fine cuts update

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Utahraptor and Achillobator figures fine cut update

Changes are happening

UPDATE: We’ve been experiencing some challenges with the fine cut figure development of the Utahraptor and Achillobator figures in both replicating the detail of the original sculpt and with the range of motion on certain joints. Detail-wise, the initial fine cuts had many shallow, nearly flattened details on the legs and torso (mainly feathered areas). While it’s not usual to have the factory go in and deepen the existing details for scale textures, this is the first time we’re doing this for feathers and it’s proving to be more complicated than expected. As you can see in these updated photos, the textures on the current fine cut lack the depth and fluidity of the digital sculpt and 3D printed prototypes, and the hip section has notably different feather texture than the torso when the transition should be more subtle. In addition, there are some articulation issues with the jaws barely being able to open, limited elbow range, and a large gap with the primaries on the hands when extended. So unfortunately, I will need to fix these details and articulation myself by hand. However with all of the other figures in the works right now along with events such as Power-Con and the Cyberzoic Kickstarter coming up, I’ll need some time to complete these adjustments. So considering that, along with he factory’s usual timeframe, I’m pushing the release of these two figures from late December to April of next year.
I know these delays seem to be commonplace and it’s never something that I take lightly, but as many of you are aware, quality must take priority over the intended release date and I’m afraid that pushing these fine cuts through as they are now is just is too much of a compromise compared the proposed prototypes.
I should also mention that for those of you who have either of these figures included with other preorders, this delay will not hold up those orders as they’ll be split for no additional charge.
I sincerely apologize to you all for this inconvenience, but I am committed to make these releases the best they can be because just like you, I too am very excited for them. I thank you all in advance for your continued patience and support.

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