What To Get Your Dino-Obsessed Loved One for Christmas

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What To Get Your Dino-Obsessed Loved One for Christmas

It’s November, which for many, means it’s time to plan for Christmas. Just because you’re planning doesn’t mean that you’re skipping over Thanksgiving, but it means less stress if you know your ideas in advance. This year, get the kids a present that’s fun and educational. They’ll enjoy it without even realizing that they’re learning more!

Need ideas? In this piece, we’ve laid out some suggestions for what to get your dino-obsessed kid for Christmas. Discover great presents below!

Dinosaur Clothing

If your kid wants something cool to wear to show off for e-learning, then get them some dino-themed clothing. Maybe it’s rain boots with a T-Rex claw on them. Maybe it’s a grouping of T-shirts from our site—a Triceratops, a Raptor, or an Acrocanthosaurus. The list goes on! This option is probably the simplest, but it could last with them for a long time.

Dinosaur Action Figures

Instead of superhero action figures this year, opt for some dinosaur action figure collectibles. They are incredibly life-like, so you’ll want to be careful because there are some smaller parts. If you plan ahead, you could get everyone to chip in on these gifts for your dino-lover so that they can get a collection going!

Dinosaur Books

Partner the action figures with some dinosaur books—this is where the educational element of your gift comes into play. Sure, you could just get them the action figure, but help them answer their own questions about their dinosaurs by providing a book.

Depending on how much your child knows about dinosaurs already, you can start with simple, beginner books, or you could get more focused by ordering books specifically for the figure that matches. Either way, when you order action figures through Creative Beasts, your child will see life-like representation, which will help them learn as they go through their books.

Here are couple suggestions:

The Princeton Field Guide to Dinosaurs: Second Edition

Dinosaurs: A Concise Natural History (4th Edition)

Accessory Packs

For teens and even adults, consider getting them an accessory pack to work on throughout the winter season! These are environment diorama sets that compliment the action figures and are part of the Beasts of the Mesozoic action figure line.These realistic representations are a fantastic way for children and teens to utilize their creative skills. They’ll have to put them together and paint them—it’s a process, but it’s a worthwhile one! (Please note: we no longer offer build and paint services).

These are just a few of the different options of what to get your dino-obsessed kid for Christmas. When you’re looking for dinosaur-related gifts, turn to Creative Beast Studio. From prints to T-shirts and all the way to model kits, we’re a one-stop shift for all dinosaur gift-giving. Peruse the site now!

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