Who is the mysterious Cyberzoic Dryptosaurus rider?

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Who is the mysterious Dryptosaurus rider from the ‘World of Cyberzoic’ illustration?
‘The Fire Clan gladiator known as Sykron, is a master of melee combat and animal taming, holding the title of Grand Master longer than any combatant in Fire Clan history. But he’d eventually meet his match in the Tech Clan deserter, Helina (a.k.a. Dragolina). The two would form a bond of respect and companionship, creating a rivalry that would become legendary among the Fire Clan spectators, boosting them both to celebrity status. But on the brink of war with the Tech Clan, how will this ‘warrior savage’ factor into the fate of his clan, and will his loyalty affect his relationship with Helina?’
Skyron was one of the characters planned for the Cyberzoic Kickstarter offering, but didn’t quite make the final cut. But he’ll be prominent in the first issue of the upcoming comic book, and an action figure, along with a custom black Gladius Prime armor, is planned for him, tentatively to be added to wave C, next Fall!

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