4 Incredible Dinosaur Crafts for Kids To Try at Home

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4 Incredible Dinosaur Crafts for Kids To Try at Home

Everyone loves dinosaurs—ranging from science-enthusiastic adults to inquisitive children. For a kid who loves dinosaurs, finding ways to incorporate them into everyday life makes the day more exciting. Check out four incredible dinosaur crafts for kids to try at home! And if you’re a dino-loving adult, join in on the project.

Dino Environments

If your child is a bit older, then consider buying them dinosaur figures to use in their own crafts. Have your child draw a Mesozoic backdrop to display their collection of dinosaurs in a realistic environment. Once you’re done, tape this to the wall behind their display to keep things picture-perfect.

Shop for Quality

Are you looking for highly detailed dinosaur action figures? Then come and check out the great options at Creative Beast Studio. We offer a variety of dinosaurs like the Centrosaurus, Velociraptor, and more!

Cardboard Dinosaur Sculptures

This incredible dinosaur craft for kids to try at home is perfect for younger kids. If you have a box or two lying around, create some dinosaur sculptures to upcycle the cardboard. All you need to do is draw—or trace—your best dinosaur on the cardboard, then cut it out and get to decorating.

Dino Coloring

Why not start with something simple? Whether you buy a coloring book or print some incredible pages, any kid is sure to love this craft. They can decide how colorful they want their beast, or you could dive into some research together for some realistic coloring.

Dinosaurs Had Colors?

While we usually assume these beasts were all gray, brown, or otherwise lacked color, this is incorrect. Scientists suspect color came in handy for camouflage, while also helping dinosaurs attract a mate. Not only that, but some dinosaurs, like the Velociraptor, even had feathers!

Dino Diorama

Intermix crafting with a bit of education and help your child make a diorama. You can make small volcanoes or incorporate natural elements from the outdoors like rocks, dirt, and leaves. And don’t forget to place a few realistic dinosaur action figures to really bring it to life.

Try out these dino-centric crafts as your child continues exploring the wonderful world of dinosaurs. Not only do these activities encourage your child to discover more about dinosaurs, but they also get a hands-on learning experience throughout the learning process. Check out the beasts of the Mesozoic Ceratopsian Series, or shop other great options at Creative Beast Studio. Nothing tops a realistic dinosaur action figure—except maybe a real dinosaur!

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