Cyberzoic: Lizard Dragon, sculpted by Aaron Doyle

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Here’s the first look at the second dragon action figure planned for Cyberzoic, the Lizard Dragon, sculpted by Aaron Doyle! This one will serve as a type of mount for the Dragon Clan members and is planned to be released in at least two colors. (Some may recognize this design from my old ‘Dragon vs. Raptors model kit.) Final size and pricing has yet to be determined. And be sure to check back next Friday for a big Cyberzoic announcement!
Also, a quick ‘T.rex wave’ update- we’ve currently shipped about 90% of the orders now, but it looks like the last few will have to go out on Monday. If you’re part of this final batch, I sincerely apologize for the long wait. We’ve been sending out hundreds of large orders each day, but it’s been difficult to determine the time needed. If you don’t have an email confirmation yet, please hang in there just a little longer. Thank you!

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