Cyberzoic: Tech Clan Utahraptors Facility

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It’s time once again to delve more into the world of Cyberzoic, with a look at how the Tech Clan grows its organic military assets- in this case the Utahraptors.
This ‘Nest’ facility is one of many throughout the Technologist territories and is home to a variety of different species of Earth-based animals, the specifics of which depend on the needs of each location. Inside, they run growth and enhancement chambers for each animal unit, providing mental programming and physical sustenance during their accelerated growth. The vitals and senses of these Utahraptors are monitored throughout their growth to ensure that they are temperamentally compliant and fit for combat training. These fabricated animals are seen as products to be used and discarded the same as any other equipment, with similar expectations on performance and durability.
Concept art by Raph Lomotan

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