Cyberzoic: Technologist civilian culture

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New Cyberzoic concept art today, as we see more of the Technologist civilian culture!
Order is kept within the cities by way of police squads, often using struthomimus and oviraptors, as they patrol the populated areas. While they are trained to deal with native threats such as dragons, or any potential ALT (artificial lifeform technology) violations, they are mostly there to simply encourage an obedient society. A key distinction between the police and military, aside from having less armaments, are the colors of their translucent armor.
Concept art by Raph Lomotan.

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One Comment on “Cyberzoic: Technologist civilian culture”

  1. Is that a thescelosaur in the second image?! OMG, that would be so cool. — ….was my first reaction, before I read properly. I ALSO love the struthiomimus just as much though!

    I’m also absolutely loving those oviraptors. The armor looks extra-nice on them.

    Really hoping both of these become figures!

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