A Quick Guide to the Different Horned Dinosaurs

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A Quick Guide to the Different Horned Dinosaurs

Many living animals have horns on their bodies, which usually serve as a defense against predators and rivals. Moreover, animals with larger horns tend to attract more mates, which helps continue their lineage. That’s why it’s not such a surprise that there were also many dinosaurs with horns. Find out more by utilizing this quick guide on the different horned dinosaurs.


When you see the name Nasutoceratops, you likely can’t help but think of the term “nose,” which makes sense because this dinosaur’s name means “large-nosed” in Latin. The nostril and snout area of the Nasutoceratops is a distinguishing feature as it’s remarkably well-developed, making up around three-quarters of the length of its skull.

That’s due to the sizeable protruding horn that extends out and downward from the nasal area. However, that’s not the only horn this dinosaur had as they also featured sharp horns that grew from their brow bone, adding extra protection.


As you read our quick guide to the different horned dinosaurs, you’ll surely find it fascinating to learn more about the Diabloceratops. Just the name of this dinosaur can make you wonder what garnered such a devil-like comparison. This bone-chilling dinosaur had two massive horns that extended from its frill, which had the same placement as devil horns.


The Psittacosaurus is quite possibly one of the cutest dinosaurs paleontologists have discovered. That’s because these dinosaurs were rather small, with the average adult body weighing around 40 pounds. The horns on the Psittacosaurus are unique as their skulls resemble a parrot, with a horn that looks much like a beak. In fact, “psittac” comes from the Latin word for a parrot.

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