Possible reissues coming for Zuniceratops and Chasmosaurus

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I’ve received a fair amount of emails and messages from BotM collectors who want to see the original Zuniceratops and Chasmosaurus reissued. While I do have repaints of these planned for future release, how many of you would also like to see these guys return in their original colors?

4 Comments on “Possible reissues coming for Zuniceratops and Chasmosaurus”

  1. Well personally I really like the original color of the Chasmosaurus and unfortunately I did not get one before they sold out; so yes I would like a second chance to get the Chasmosaurus.

  2. I love the colors of the Zuni, I only have the glow version and would love a chance to get the original. Chasmo is cool too, I wouldn’t mind if it was the same colors or different so long as one scheme matched the upcoming babies.

  3. I was fortunate enough to get the Zuniceratops, but the Chasmosaurus figure looks absolutely stunning and I’ve heard good things about it. Even though it is getting a possible repaint, I would like another shot at getting the original colors

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