Interesting and Fun Facts About the Saichania Dinosaur

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Interesting and Fun Facts About the Saichania Dinosaur

The Saichania is a striking dinosaur with equally fascinating and entertaining facts to match. From its name to its build to its discovery, there is something new to learn about the Saichania. These beasts look quite unlike any other dinosaur we’re familiar with, making them even more intriguing. If you wish to further pique your curiosity, here are a few more interesting and fun facts about the Saichania dinosaur.

Beautiful One

Despite its remarkable features, such as its characteristic horns, the Saichania did not receive its name for its attractiveness. The naming of the Saichania, or “beautiful one” in Mongolian, arose from the discovery of its fossils. The fossils, discovered in 1970s Mongolia, were found remarkably intact and in such pristine condition, there were no other words to describe them.

Dry Climate

When we imagine dinosaur habitats, we might only picture humid areas with lush greenery and flowing waters. It may come as a surprise that dinosaurs evolved in various climates. One of these climates consisted of deserts with massive sand dunes wherein you would likely find a Saichania roaming around.

However, one interesting and fun fact about the Saichania dinosaur is that it was an herbivore. How did it survive living in a desert? The Saichania would sustain its herbaceous diet with the flora found among interspersed oases.


The Saichania was quite short in stature, compared to some other dinosaurs in the late Cretaceous period, standing no taller than the average height of an American male. However, the Saichania made up in weight what it didn’t have in height, as these incredible beasts could weigh nearly two tons. To put that in perspective, that is about the weight of two giraffes. Despite their short stature, the Saichania were quite long taking up about 22 feet of space, end-to-end. If you also want to put that into modern-day perspective, the Saichania was about the length of two automobiles.

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