Key Traits of the Acrocanthosaurus Dinosaur

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Key Traits of the Acrocanthosaurus Dinosaur

Unless you are a dinosaur aficionado, which you likely are if you’re reading this, you might not have heard of the Acrocanthosaurus. Try saying that three times fast. This dinosaur is a majestic and amazing beast that stands high and tall. Witnessing its skeleton is a sight to behold that interests dinosaur novices and experts alike. That’s likely why this dinosaur has piqued your interest. Find out more about the key traits of the Acrocanthosaurus dinosaur.

Found Mostly in the US

If you’re living in the United States right now, you could very well find yourself walking in the same areas where an Acrocanthosaurus hunted for prey long ago. That statement becomes more accurate should you ever find yourself in the Midwest.

That’s because paleontologists have found skeletal remains of the Acrocanthosaurus in the US states of Wyoming, Texas, and Oklahoma. However, paleontologists have also discovered their remains as far as Maryland.

High-Spined Lizard

The Acrocanthosaurus receives its long winding name from its long winding and high spine. This high spine is one of the key traits of this dinosaur. In fact, paleontologists first hypothesized that this dinosaur could potentially be a Spinosaurus. However, the Acrocanthosaurus eventually found its classification as a Carnosaur. Scientists believe this high spine could have features of sail-like feathers or skin.

Apex Predator

It may come as no surprise that the Acrocanthosaurus was an apex predator, meaning it was at the top of the food chain. This beast was one of the largest predators of the Early Cretaceous period. In fact, it was the largest theropod before the terrifying Tyrannosaurus rex entered the scene. The Acrocanthosaurus’s favorite meal would be ankylosaurs, sauropods, and ornithopods.

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