New Fine-Cut figure photos Pachyrhinosaurus

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Today we take a proper look at the Beasts of the Mesozoic Pachyrhinosaurus fine-cut figure! I want to note that this big body has alternate back parts that alter the silhouette of the figure. These are not glued down on the fine cuts but will be glued on the final versions of the action figures.
Hope you enjoy the pics!

One Comment on “New Fine-Cut figure photos Pachyrhinosaurus”

  1. I’love the pachyrhinosaurus look, as i have already said with the first look of him lade for the Jurassic parc Toys line, and on the game i love his face with a horn in keratine on his nose like our actual rhinocéros, and i have 2 questions :
    why don’t you make an alternative head, with the keratine horn, or a clip to put on the face of this figure ?
    Will you sold the Whole game like these one, without paint, or in a white look to let the people using their imagination tho interpreat the ceratopsian colour ?

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