Preschool Dinosaur Art Projects at Home or in the Classroom

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Preschool Dinosaur Art Projects at Home or in the Classroom

It is not surprising that children in preschool can already have a deep enthusiasm for dinosaurs—dinosaurs are fascinating and mysterious. Given that the kids are quite young, you might think there isn’t much you can do to enrich their dinosaur experience. However, there are countless dinosaur art projects for preschoolers you can have them do, whether at home or in the classroom.


Unfortunately, a silhouetteosaur is not a real name for a dinosaur, but it is a play on words for this simple yet fun craft the kids will love. This craft involves creating a silhouette of a dinosaur displayed on a colorful sunset—here’s how to do it. Gather white construction paper and colored markers or pencils the kids can use to create their sunsets. Then, provide them with a range of dino silhouettes they can trace out and cut themselves. The paper for the silhouette should be black craft paper as this will make it stand out against the sunset.

Dinosaur Fossils

It is amazing to think that the bulk of information we gain from dinosaurs comes from their fossils—pay homage to that and make your own dinosaur fossils. To do this, you will need Play-Doh, school glue, and dinosaur action figures. Have the kids mold their dinosaurs into their Play-Doh, then pour colorful school glue into the mold and wait for it to dry. If you need dino figures for your fossils, Creative Beast Studio has dinosaur figures for sale that are high quality and durable.

Dino Eggs

You can create a teachable moment at home or in the classroom with this dinosaur egg art project for your preschoolers. Like many reptiles, dinosaurs were no different in the fact that they predominately laid eggs, as paleontologists believe. You can have the children find and create their own dino eggs by going on a “hunt” with the kids to look for “eggs.” On your hunt, search for rocks with an oval structure and smooth surface. Once everyone has found their eggs, head back inside and decorate them with washable paint and markers.

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