Printing card errors for the T. rex series 1.5 wave being fixed.

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With the Beasts of the Mesozoic Tyrannosaur series 1.5 assortment now out in the EU and UK, and fulfillment from the US beginning next week, I wanted to put this info out there regarding a printing error, which was mentioned in the recent video reviews.
There was a mishap with the card printing this time around, and not only are they the wrong proportion, but many are very obviously low-resolution. Unfortunately, by the time I was sent these final card samples, it was too late to change them, as the entire assortment had already been packed to ship. To rectify this, I had the factory reprint all of the cards correctly, pictured here, so that I can have these replacements on-hand for those of you that collect them. I will be sending out these replacement cards to customers by request, at no charge. Feel free to message or email me with your info to receive your replacement cards. Thank you for understanding!
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