The Difference Between Fantasy and Science Fiction

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The Difference Between Fantasy and Science Fiction

It’s incredibly fun to find ourselves immersed in the world of fantasy and fiction. The best part about these genres is the endless stories and creativity they provide, from dragons to robots to aliens and more. However, it’s notable to mention that these genres are not the same and differ considerably. But how do they differentiate? Continue reading to discover what makes fantasy and science fiction so different.


Fantasy is the opposite of reality, to put it simply. That means this genre involves all things that stray from the realm of possibility. When you think of fantasy, you tend to think of implausible worlds that could never exist outside of our imaginations.

Fantasy involves stories dealing with the supernatural, or mythical creatures that terrify and intrigue. Fortunately, we get to see these worlds come to life on the screen. Those who enjoy fantasy love, of course, the opportunity it provides to escape into worlds that are vastly different from our own.

Science Fiction

The main difference between fantasy and science fiction is that science fiction borders on the realm of plausibility. The story likely stems from reality but then offshoots into more impossible and, thus, fictional plots. Many tend to love science fiction due to its close ties to reality, allowing us the ability to imagine, “What if?”. Sometimes that “what if” can send a shiver down our spine or put a glimmer in our eyes; it all depends on which story you choose to indulge.

Somewhere in the Middle

So, where would a story involving dragons fall? Maybe somewhere in the middle. The idea of dragons stems from the very real dinosaurs that walked the grounds we live on today.

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