Update on Beast of Mesozoic T. rex Figures

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Happy Halloween everyone! With it being nearly November, I felt this was a good time to address the status of the upcoming batch of Beasts of the Mesozoic figures. I had hoped to begin fulfilling the pledges and preorders for these items by now, however the factory has recently requested more time to work on the deco for these figures (similar to what happened with Ceratopsians wave 3 last year). So this has set the schedule back by several more weeks unfortunately, but I am told that final packaged samples will be ready by the end of this week and I’ll be showing those off once I have them in-hand. As for fulfillment- I am looking into air freight options to get a portion of the production run here before the end of November for those that have been waiting, with the rest of the stock arriving at the warehouse sometime in December. I’ll have a new Kickstarter update next week with more detailed information about these releases as well as the next set of Tyrannosaurs. Thank you all so much for your patience.

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