1/18th scale Andrewsarchus 3D sculpt render

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Andrewsarchus zbrush sculpt

Stretch Goal first reveal

Last Friday’s sneak peek at the Cyberzoic Andrewsarchus armor sparked a lot of conversation about the figure, and while I was planning to save this reveal for later, now seems like as good as a time as any to show it. So here is the 3D sculpt render for the 1/18th scale Andrewsarchus action figure, sculpted by the amazing Max Bellomio! (check out his recent Kickstarter ‘Forgotten Bloodlines: Agate’)

The actual figure is planned to be around 8″ long and will be armor compatible with Smilodon. Watch for it as a stretch goal in the Cyberzoic Kickstarter launching on Oct. 3rd!

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