3 Reasons the T. rex Is the Undisputed King of Dinosaurs

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3 Reasons the T. rex Is the Undisputed King of Dinosaurs

Countless dinosaurs walked the planet throughout the Mesozoic era, and while many were powerful, only one earned the title of king. The Tyrannosaurus Rex was among the largest predators in the Age of Dinosaurs. Fellow creatures would go running when they heard this dinosaur’s roar. Discover three reasons the T. rex is the undisputed king of the dinosaurs!

They Were Massive

We often think of oversized reptiles when we imagine dinosaurs, and the T. rex is no exception. By adulthood, a T. rex was around 40 feet long and 12 feet tall—and that’s not all. Usually, these dinosaurs weighed an average of 15,000 pounds. With a size like that, this pre-historic beast easily makes the list of the largest carnivorous dinosaurs.

They Were Powerful

Animals generally earn the title “king” of their ecosystems because they’re the apex predators. For instance, a lion is the King of the Savanna because the animal sits at the top of the food chain. An animal earns its ranking on this chain based on its power and strength as a hunter.

A T. rex’s bite alone was incredible; an adult T. rex generally had a bite force of nearly 13,000 pounds, which is almost its weight! In other words, a T. rex could easily crush a mid-sized car by simply biting it. Its incredible bite force made it easy for the beast to kill and chew its prey.

Moreover, this dinosaur could hit decent speeds despite its size. The T. rex didn’t typically run since its large stride was enough; however, it could hit speeds around 12 miles per hour. Initially, that may not sound that fast. But think about it: could you run 12 miles per hour? Most people can only run 6 to 8 miles per hour. Decent speeds combined with incredible strength helped boost the T. rex to its top ranking.

They Were Intelligent

Intelligence is another crucial reason the T. rex is the undisputed king of the dinosaurs. Being brawny or intelligent helps a species survive, but having both puts animals at the top of the food pyramid.

Despite various depictions in movies, the T. rex wasn’t a small-brained animal that people could easily deceive. As an apex predator, the T. rex had to be smart to track and kill prey. Strength alone doesn’t secure a species’ survival. Power coupled with intelligence is a mighty pairing that helps the beast climb the ranks of the food pyramid.

A Bonus: The T. Rex Is Popular

Although our modern love for the T. rex didn’t help it thrive in the Mesozoic Era, it does boost its status in pop culture. This king—or queen—stands superior to most beasts and is one of the first creatures we think of when we hear the word “dinosaur.”

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