Kickstarter Plan for 10/3

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Cyberzoic Kickstarter 2023 by Creative Beast

Cyberzoic Kickstarter starting soon!

UPDATE: With the Cyberzoic Kickstarter launch less than three weeks away, I wanted to update everyone on what’s actually planned to be included and what will be offered later on. Admittedly this has been a very challenging concept to wrangle in, finding the right balance of all the elements involved. That being said, it was becoming way too big for one campaign, and if my BotM Kickstarters are an indication, that’s saying something! So after much consideration, I present to you my offering list for the first Cyberzoic Kickstarter! Keep in mind that this is in no particular order and consists of mostly stretch goal items. Many of you will notice that some items previously shown such as Pachycephalosaurus, Stegosaurus, Acrocanthosaurus, Andrewsarchus and several others are not on this list, but do not worry as they are still planned to be offered later on and released around the same time as I’d initially intended. But keeping them in this campaign with everything else, which I consider to be essential, would make this Kickstarter way too daunting for those wanting to back everything, and possibly even too much for me to commit to. You’ll find that there are a few in-progress reveals here, but there’ll be plenty more to show as we lead up to Oct. 3rd and even there after. Please continue to follow along and spread the word however you can. Thank you all for your support as always and let’s make an awesome new toy line!

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